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What is Third-Party Maintenance (TPM)?

Third-party maintenance is support for your data center equipment offered by alternative vendors than the original equipment manufacturers. TPM is typically offered at 50 to 80% off the manufacturer support list price. TPM provides some unique benefits such as warranty coverage beyond the manufacturer end-of-support (EOS) date which can extend the life of your equipment. Multi-vendor support means you can reduce the number of contracts you manage.

What hardware does third-party maintenance cover and what are the SLAs?

Server, storage, and networking hardware can be covered by Third-Party Maintenance (TPM). TPM can provide a variety of service level agreements (SLAs) from 8x5xNBD to 24x7x4 onsite support. Custom SLAs can also be created that include items like onsite spares. SLAs are specific to the asset and not the contract so a single agreement can include multiple SLAs.

How does third-party maintenance (TPM) save costs and source replacement equipment?

There is a massive global supply of aftermarket data center hardware. This supply is kept full through IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) providers and alternative markets from OEMs. As data center equipment ages, so does the availability of hardware. This causes maintenance prices to decrease over time, unlike OEM support that tends to go up to entice you to buy new hardware.

Is third-party maintenance (TPM) available in multi-year or monthly contracts?

Third-party maintenance is much more flexible than most OEM support. Kilo Tech can customize the support contracts and SLAs that meet your unique business needs. Support contracts can be broken down into monthly contracts or extended over multiple years. The flexibility of TPM, along with lower cost, is what brings a lot of enterprise customers to TPM.

Do enterprise customers use third-party maintenance for their data center equipment?

Yes. Gartner states that over 70% of very large enterprises utilize Third-Party Maintenance for their data center equipment. They also estimate that there are well over 10 million data center and network devices currently covered by TPM.

Can third-party maintenance support my IT hardware after it has reached end-of-life (EOL)?

OEMs will try to use End-Of-Life (EOL) and End-Of-Support (EOS) as ways to get you to upgrade your data center hardware. But why should you swap out your infrastructure if it is still doing what you need it to do? Don’t fall victim to End-Of-Life hype. TPM will cover your hardware well after the OEM.

How do I place support tickets when I have a third-party maintenance (TPM) contract?

With Kilo Tech TPM, you can submit tickets through email, by phone, or through our online asset and contract management portal. Included with your TPM contract is an industry-leading asset and contract management portal that allows you to manage your contracts from Kilo Tech, OEMs, and other TPM providers. Using the portal can reduce ticket resolution by up to 70%.

What happens if I failed to add an asset to my TPM contract?

Kilo Tech has a fix-it first policy. Keeping your infrastructure running is our number one priority. We will work to resolve your issue first then work to add that asset to the contract. This is a common problem and we will work with your team to resolve the issue in a time and materials (T&M) agreement.

What does Kilo Tech mean when they say they are the only channel-exclusive third-party maintenance (TPM) provider?

Kilo Tech is the only TPM provider that works exclusively with channel partners through the worlds largest IT distributor, Ingram Micro. By partnering with value added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), and companies that you work with, we are able to deliver the highest level of service possible.

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